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Play Dog Play looks at community two ways: First, the community of Petaluma dog-lovers who entrust their best friends to John, Molly, and their crew. Second, it’s all about the community we share: the city of Petaluma and the surrounding area.


Play Dog Play has taken canine clients into schools for extended education and participated in community events in Petaluma. John and Molly have also made presentations on dog care and dog safety to schools in town. They won the Golden Chicken for their dog float in the Butter and Eggs Day Parade. They’ve taken part in the annual Dillon Beach cleanup…and why not? Dillon Beach is one of the few places in the county dogs can enjoy running off-leash.

PDP has a relationship with Central Animal Hospital to take dogs on walks and canine adventures to Dog Ranch – which was built, in part, from recycled materials salvaged from Petaluma construction and demolition sites.

In the News

We've been getting some great reviews in the local news.

It's a Dog Meet Dog World

By Bob Canning. Copyright © 2006 Petaluma Argus-Courier

Doggie Disneylands are springing up everywhere; two new ones lead the pack in Petaluma.

When we started our business," says Polzoni, "we took three or four dogs at a time out on excursions to Dillon Beach. But that was tough, as I didn't know what kind of aggressive dogs we might run into. Or there would be broken glass, or maybe a dead seal might wash up on shore and the dogs would roll around in it. I always wanted my own private space, and that's what we were working toward all along ...

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Out of the Doghouse

By Janet Parmer. Copyright © 2004 The Press Democrat

Jennifer Aument's dogs, Honey and Lucy, start yelping and going crazy when the Play Dog Play van pulls up in front of her home. The dogs recognize the van with paw prints emblazoned on the side, and know it's time for their "play date" with other dogs. It could be an excursion to Dillon Beach to doggy paddle in the surf, a romp at Oak Hill Park or an outing to a new destination ...

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